Tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) mediates the signals triggered by certain cytokines.1

  • IL-12-induced TYK2 activation initiates recruitment and phosphorylation of STAT4 which activates transcription of a major effector molecule in systemic immune disorders.1,2
  • IL-23 signaling through TYK2 is critical in the expansion and survival of pathogenic TH17 cells as well as the induction of innate lymphoid cells in autoimmunity.1-3
  • Activation by type I IFNs signaling through TYK2 in the B cell impacts pathways important in autoimmunity such as B cell differentiation, antibody production, and immunoglobulin isotype class switching.4

TYK2 mediates immune and inflammatory signaling pathways critical in the pathophysiology of
immune-mediated diseases5-12

TYK2 Mechanism of Pathway Video

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