Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule family member 7 (SLAMF7), an activating receptor expressed on natural killer (NK) cells, can stimulate innate and adaptive immunity.        
  • SLAMF7 is an activating receptor expressed on virtually all NK cells and other immune cell subsets.1
    • SLAMF7 is not expressed on solid tissues or hematopoietic stem cells.2
  • Engagement of SLAMF7 activates NK cells, the rapid responders of the immune system and the body’s first line of defense against cancer.3,4
  • NK cells directly kill target cells, yet spare normal cells.5
  • Continuous NK-cell activation through pathways like SLAMF7 may initiate the development of long-term immunity6-8
  • Ongoing research aims to understand how NK-cell activation through SLAMF7 impacts long-term immunity

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